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VAS 3/6 FULL SEND  suspension kit for 2015-2024 F150. Gain complete control of your suspension. Dial in the perfect settings for the track! Reduce 60ft times, sets the truck at 3/6 drop and eliminate wheel hop with this kit! This is hands down the best performance kit for your F-150. Available for 2wd and 4wd!! Includes the following. Bolt on coil over mounts (front) with Viking coil overs with spanner wrench and thrust bearings, Viking smooth body shocks, VAS flip kit with new Ubolts VAS Traction bar kit,VAS Anti Roll Bar Kit, VAS Upper Arms, VAS driveshaft safety loop, VAS Diff Brace (4x4 Only) . 

*******VAS kits are currently on the worlds fastest 18-23 F150s and are used by many top racers across the country******* AVAILABLE LATE MARCH 2024 DUE TO UPPER ARM BACK ORDER